Anand Balasubrahmanyan

Recent work

Life goes on | Seattle Public Utilities

Anand Balasubrahmanyan

Project Manager

Anand’s personal and professional interests are deeply intertwined. Passionate about housing advocacy and immigration reform, he considers communications key to social progress. As co-founder of a social justice film festival in Santander, Spain, he enjoys finding unconventional methods to make vital stories accessible. In his day-to-day work as a project manager, he develops messaging and content for clients and manages the details of large, multifaceted communications projects. Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, Anand studied civil rights history at Grinnell College. He’s since worked for the Committee to End Homelessness and Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota. Inspired by his grandfather, who emigrated from India in 1961 in spite of a ban on Asian migration to the US, Anand is committed to challenging structural causes of social injustice. In his free time, Anand volunteers at the Northwest Film Forum and nerds out on basketball and Byzantine history. 

History and pedagogy
“I’ve been getting into Byzantine history. I’m developing a card game to teach kids about the history you don’t often learn in school in the West, even though the Byzantine Empire included Constantinople, which served as the capital of the Roman Empire and the center of western civilization for centuries. It is fascinating how quickly the stories we tell ourselves about who we are can change.“