Pyramigos in our Seattle office celebrate their new B Corp status.

Pyramid Joins B Corp Community

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When Pyramid was founded, it was built on the then-audacious idea that a communications agency could be successful working solely for good causes. Twenty years later... we haven't looked back.

We're proud to share that in 2014 we officially became a certified B Corporation. This means we’ll have the opportunity to continually measure and improve our commitment to social responsibility. It’s yet another step in our journey of doing good for our world. We’re excited to join a global community of other like-minded companies that are committed to honoring and upholding that same vision.

The New York Times recently named the certification a "new yardstick for socially conscious companies." Certified B Corporations are at the forefront of a global movement to redefine what it means to be successful in business.

To become a B Corp, companies must meet the rigorous standards of the B Impact Assessment. By voluntarily meeting these higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, Certified B Corps are improving quality of life in their communities and creating higher quality work environments for employees.

We're putting our vision for a better world into daily practice. I encourage you to spend some time learning about B Corp and the good work they’re doing.

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Anne Tillery, Pyramid’s Managing Partner, is passionate about storytelling, giving voice to good causes, and high-impact social change. Anne focuses on helping organizations define and maximize their impact.