Alphabet designs from our creative team.


A Creative Challenge from our Design Team

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Creativity is problem solving.

As designers at Pyramid we routinely tackle challenges such as raising awareness and funds, or creating a brand or campaign, and we try to create strategic and visual solutions. When designing on a deadline, we can’t always wait for inspiration to come to us: instead, we need to show up and get to work. However, we’ve found that inspiration comes more quickly when we practice being creative. The exercise itself leads to divergent thinking and seeing other possibilities, which is crucial to our work.

With this in mind, my fellow Pyramid designers and I decided to challenge ourselves with a weekly creative exercise. Each week we tackle a new letter of the alphabet. Before starting, we set a few rules. The design must:

  • Be square and five inches by five inches, so that we can easily display them together.
  • Use Pyramid’s four brand colors—red, gold, teal, and grey—to create visual consistency.

Individually, we have given ourselves personal challenges. For example, Janeé’s are all handmade, forcing her to step away from the computer. Tiff focuses on typography because it has always been an interest and she wanted to improve her skills. For myself, one of my children gives me a word each week and I have to illustrate the concept from a feminist perspective. And Suzanne has given herself complete freedom every week to create something new, to not be constrained by a medium or topic.

To follow along, visit our Tumblr at We’ll update it every Tuesday with a new letter. So far, we’ve surprised ourselves with where we’ve found inspiration, and enjoyed seeing and learning from each other’s work. What’s inspired you lately? Let me know @Karisima.

And meanwhile, check out a few examples below:
Karis Cady leads Pyramid’s design team as Design Director, with experience in a range of disciplines, from branding, print and digital design, illustration, and data visualization. When she’s not envisioning new logo concepts in her head, Karis is likely exploring the outdoors with her family. Connect with her on Twitter @Karisima.